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It’s almost time for ICFA! Please see the call for volunteers, two invitations, and your own handy-dandy packing list below.

If your plans have changed and you are unable to attend, please let me know so I can ensure your attendance is canceled in the computer system. We don’t give refunds this late but rather will credit you; you must use the credit within 2 years. If you don’t inform us of your desire to cancel, the credit won’t appear.


ICFA runs on volunteers, and we could always use more. For each hour you volunteer, you’ll earn $10 toward your registration fee (to be refunded following the conference). Sign up here:

If you’ve already signed up, THANK YOU! The schedule will be distributed soon.


All are invited to the BIPOC Caucus’s Counter Space at the Cove for the Guest of Honor Nisi Shawl’s reflections on “Depicting Your Truth” Saturday at noon.

If you’d like to lunch after Nisi’s presentation (we’re not unmasking during her remarks), we have a limited number of brown bags available for a reduced price of $5, subsidized by generous donations to the BIPOC Caucus for this event. If you are able, please consider paying the conference’s full price for the brown bag ($10.00), so that our subsidies can continue to benefit all who might like to attend and feast the body as well as the mind. This offer to preorder closes today, March 7th. If you do not preorder, then regular brown bags will be available as usual on a first-come, first-serve basis. To reserve your reduced price brown bag(s) for our Saturday event, please log into your IAFA account and then click this link:


Everyone attending the conference is invited to this year’s SF Theory Roundtable reading. This year, the readings are the excerpts from Isiah Lavender III’s Afrofuturism Rising: The Literary Philosophy of a Movement and the discussion will moderated by Gerry Canavan. The link to the page with the PDF and password should be in the email account associated with your membership and registration.


Your stylish IAFA badge holder. (If you don’t yet have one, they are available for purchase on site for $5.) Pro tip: put it in your luggage and leave it there at all times.
Your computer dongle if you are using AV.
Your call for papers, graduate program description, or other handout you wish to target to this specialized audience. A table is set aside for these handouts. Pro tip: People have stopped taking handouts in favor of photographing them on their phones. Design accordingly!

See you next week!

Emily Midkiff

IAFA Registrar