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It is with great pleasure that the IAFA Executive Board announces that Carol McMullen-Pettit will be assuming the position of On-Site Technical Officer (OSTO) at this year’s ICFA.

The OSTO is crucial to the functioning of the conference: they are responsible for all technology use ​for and at ICFA. This includes purchasing ​audio visual equipment, setting up and tearing down projectors/screens in the break out rooms, ​liaising with the Book Room coordinator for A/V storage, and liaising with hotel personnel for events that require equipment we don’t own.

We would like to thank Sean Nixon for his twelve years of outstanding service in this position (his IAFA volunteerism in general dates back to the early 2000s). Sean oversaw our investment in new equipment and, as any attendee in recent years can attest, very little went wrong on his watch. When it did, he was always there instantly to solve the problem, as if by magic. He will be taking over the Treasurer position from Bill Clemente as of this ICFA. Thank you Sean!

For those of you who do not have the pleasure of knowing Carol McMullen-Pettit, she has been attending and volunteering for ICFA since she was a tenth-grade high school student in Boca Raton. Carol attended the University of Florida while the conference was in Texas but resumed her attendance at the conference with its return to Fort Lauderdale (and her transfer to FAU). Carol finished her BA in Anthropology, and then her subsequent certification in Secondary Social Sciences in Education, all while married and producing the first two of her three children. She has held a variety of teaching positions, culminating in more than ten years of working as a Social Studies and Reading teacher for At-Risk Youth, and for nearly the last twelve years, with The Princeton Review as a test preparation instructor, tutor, and presenter. She lives in Hollywood, FL with her husband, two dogs, two cats, and a hedgehog.

Welcome aboard, Carol!