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Monthly Archives: December 2008

The ballot is now available for the upcoming IAFA election (Second Vice President, Treasurer). It is available from our IAFA website at

Guy Gavriel Kay is a Guest of Honor at our upcoming ICFA-30; so, it is fortunate timing that Alaya Dawn Johnson has conducted a recent interview. The link is here.

Nominations for election to the positions 2nd Vice-President and Treasurer of the IAFA are now closed. Below you will find the candidates’ statements. Ballots for these two elections will be made available shortly.

Sydney Duncan’s Candidate Statement for 2nd Vice President

I am interested in the position of Second Vice President of IAFA. I’ve been a member of our organization for about 10 years now, reading fiction and poetry at the conference, serving as panel chair, and presenting papers.

I have stepped in at the last moment at the conference on more than one occasion to moderate panels or host readings when the need arose. I read widely in the field and consider myself a knowledgeable participant in academic and creative conversations on the fantastic. I am dedicated to seeing that the level of creative participation at the conference remains high. I am well-suited to be graduate student liaison, having served for 3 years as the advisor to the English Graduate Organization (over 140 students) when I was at the University of Alabama.

I have excellent computer skills, organizational skills, and a deep commitment to IAFA. I get along well with everyone in the IAFA organizational structure, both past and present. I have excellent relationships with many of the writers who regularly attend the conference and know many more from the convention circuit who are not regular attendees – but might be someday. I am eager to become more involved in IAFA, which I think is growing in new and interesting ways, and I am excited about opportunities to help the organization improve. I am in a secure tenure-track position at Frostburg State University, where service to professional organizations off-campus is considered of great value, so I have solid institutional support to take on the duties of Second Vice President.

I hope the IAFA membership will give me strong consideration as a candidate for Second Vice President.

Sydney Duncan; Assistant Professor of English; Frostburg State University

William Clemente’s Candidate Statement for Treasurer

Serving as Treasurer for the past three years taught me a great deal not only about keeping the records but also about the IAFA. I enjoyed the experience and am happy to run again for the position. I will continue to work hard to ensure accurate and open records of the organization’s accounts.

William Clemente; Professor of English; Peru State College