International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts

Submit a proposal to IAFA 2021 Trans/Inter/Cross

A Symposium on The Fantastic Between Genres, Media, and Cultures


This event will be organized by the IAFA as a symposium-style face-to-face gathering of 50-100 people held October 1-3, 2021 at the Orlando Marriott Lakeside in Orlando, Florida, USA.

The event committee welcomes proposals for pre-formed panels, paper sessions, roundtables, and workshops on the theme “Trans/Inter/Cross: The Fantastic Between Genres, Media, and Cultures.” These may include sessions in which authors and artists share their creative work or panel discussions on creative topics. We are not accepting individual paper proposals for the symposium.

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In 300 words or fewer, include the name of the proposed panel, paper session, roundtable, or workshop, and a description of its purpose, e.g. the kinds of questions it will address, and the names of the moderator and of all specific participants with their professional affiliations (if applicable.)

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We will have limited A/V capability. Please indicate whether your session requires A/V.

For sessions that do require A/V, note there is *no* Wi-Fi available in the rooms where sessions/panel/roundtables are held. Presentations must be independent of Internet access.
Projectors are equipped for VGA hookups. Presenters are responsible for bringing any connectors or converters they require.

Proposal completion

A few moments after you click Send Proposal, if your submission was successful, you will see a message indicating that your proposal was sent. You should also receive an email acknowledgement. If you don't receive the email after a few minutes, check any spam filter folder you have.