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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Dear IAFA members,

As you will recall, it was announced at the ICFA that the Orlando Airport Marriott has offered us a unique, low-cost opportunity to have a small event there in October if we are interested.

The results of our post-ICFA survey demonstrate that there is a significant interest, so we are moving forward!

The event’s theme will be: “Trans/Inter/Cross: The Fantastic Between Genres, Media, and Cultures”

Dates: Oct. 1,2,3

This event will not be organized like the ICFA but rather a more intimate, symposium-style gathering of 50-100 people.

We will SOON be sending out a cfp for:

pre-formed panels on the conference theme

pre-formed paper sessions on the conference theme

pre-formed roundtables on the conference theme

pre-formed workshops on the conference theme

These may include sessions where authors and artists share their creative work or panel discussions on creative topics.

We will *NOT* consider individual papers.


Your IAFA Executive Board