The International Association
for the Fantastic in the Arts

The purpose of IAFA is to promote and recognize achievement in the study of the fantastic, mainly through the organization and management of an annual academic conference, the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (ICFA). IAFA also publishes the Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts, which is a peer-reviewed journal for scholarship within the field of the fantastic, and the news blog on this site (under News in the menu), which publishes information relevant to the IAFA membership.


200 Years of the Fantastic: Celebrating Frankenstein and Mary Shelley

The 39th International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts

March 14-18, 2018
Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside, Orlando, Florida

Guests of Honor: John Kessel and Nike Sulway
Guest Scholar: Fred Botting

Please visit our sister organization, Gesellschaft für Fantastikforschung.

Gesellschaft für Fantastikforschung
The Gesellschaft für Fantastikforschung (GFF) [Association for Research in the Fantastic] is the first academic association in the German-speaking world committed to furthering research on the fantastic in art, literature and culture. It strives to broaden scholarly and cultural insight in this area. To that end, the association publishes its membership journal “Zeitschrift für Fantastikforschung” twice a year as well as its own book series “Beiträge zur Fantastikforschung”. In addition, an annual conference provides the opportunity for a membership assembly, taking place in different locations each year.

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