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Monthly Archives: August 2011

The International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts is pleased to announce that Kelly Link, Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Award-winner, will be joining us in March 2012 at ICFA 33 as one of two Guests of Honor. China Miéville will be the other Guest of Honor and Jeffrey J. Cohen will be our Guest Scholar.

Kelly Link is the author of Stranger Things Happen, Magic for Beginners (2006 Locus Award for Best Short Story Collection), and Pretty Monsters, as well as the award-winning stories “Pretty Monsters” (2009 Locus Award for Best Novella), “Magic for Beginners” (2005 Nebula Award for Best Novella), “The Faery Handbag” (2005 Hugo and Nebula Awards for Best Novelette), “Stone Animals” (included in the 2005 Best American Short Stories collection), “Louise’s Ghost” (2001 Nebula Award for Best Novelette), “The Specialist’s Hat” (1999 World Fantasy Award), and “Travels with the Snow Queen” (1997 Tiptree Award).

With her husband Gavin Grant, she also manages Small Beer Press, edits The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror (with Ellen Datlow), and edits Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet.

Renovation, the 2011 World Science Fiction Convention, has announced the 2011 Hugo Award winners and the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. We’re so excited to see so many familiar faces including the ICFA 2011 Guest of Honor, Connie Willis, who won Best Novel! If you’d like to see the coverage streaming, it can still be found on the Hugo Awards channel.

  • BEST NOVEL: Blackout/All Clear by Connie Willis (Ballantine Spectra)
  • BEST NOVELLA: The Lifecycle of Software Objects by Ted Chiang (Subterranean)
  • BEST NOVELETTE: “The Emperor of Mars” by Allen M. Steele (Asimov’s, June 2010)
  • BEST SHORT STORY: “For Want of a Nail” by Mary Robinette Kowal (Asimov’s, September 2010)
  • BEST RELATED WORK: Chicks Dig Time Lords: A Celebration of Doctor Who by the Women Who Love It, edited by Lynne M. Thomas and Tara O’Shea (Mad Norwegian)
  • BEST GRAPHIC STORY: Girl Genius, Volume 10: Agatha Heterodyne and the Guardian Muse, written by Phil and Kaja Foglio; art by Phil Foglio; colors by Cheyenne Wright (Airship Entertainment)
  • BEST DRAMATIC PRESENTATION, LONG FORM: Inception, written and directed by Christopher Nolan (Warner)
  • BEST DRAMATIC PRESENTATION, SHORT FORM: Doctor Who: “The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang,” written by Steven Moffat; directed by Toby Haynes (BBC Wales)
  • BEST EDITOR, SHORT FORM: Sheila Williams
  • BEST SEMIPROZINE: Clarkesworld, edited by Neil Clarke, Cheryl Morgan, Sean Wallace; podcast directed by Kate Baker
  • BEST FANZINE: The Drink Tank, edited by Christopher J Garcia and James Bacon
  • BEST FAN WRITER: Claire Brialey
  • BEST FAN ARTIST: Brad W. Foster

Winners of the 2011 Chesley Awards, given by the Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists (ASFA), were announced at Renovation, the 69th Worldcon, August 18, 2011. Thanks, Locus, for the announcement! 🙂

  • Best Cover Illustration – Paperback Book: Jason Chan, for Geist by Phillipa
    Ballantine (Ace)
  • Best Cover Illustration – Hardback Book: Michael Whelan, for The Way of Kings by
    Brandon Sanderson (Tor)
  • Best Cover Illustration – Magazine: Nick Greenwood, for Orson Scott Card’s
    Intergalactic Medicine Show (6/10)
  • Best Interior Illustration: Donato Giancola, Middle Earth: Visions of a Modern Myth
    by Donato Giancola (Underwood)
  • Best Three-Dimensional Art: Mark Newman, “Eel Walker”; bronze
  • Best Color Work—Unpublished: Julie Dillon, “Planetary Alignment”; digital
  • Best Monochrome Work – Unpublished: Ian Miller, “Triptych”; ink
  • Best Product Illustration: Sam Weber, Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan, promo art for
    Tor ebook (1/10)
  • Best Gaming-Related Illustration: Lucas Graciano, “Amorphous Drake” (Legends of
    Norrath); Sony Online Entertainment
  • Best Art Director: Jon Schindehette, for Wizards of the Coast
  • Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement: Boris Vallejo

Are you ready for the Hugo Awards announcement? If you can’t wait, watch it streaming live! Good luck to those friends of the conference that are up for awards!

NeMLA March 15-18, 2012, Rochester, NY, U.S.A.

Apocalyptic Projections in Sci-Fi and/or Fantasy Literature for 2012 and Beyond

This panel provides an opportunity to explore the ramifications of the 2012 doomsday prophesiers on cultural behavior as witnessed within the genre of science fiction literature and cinema. The term apocalyptic may include any means of total or near-total destruction, whether it is caused by humans, aliens or Nature. Papers analyzing the role apocalyptic sci-fi and/or fantasy have played and continue to play in literature, cinema, theater and other aspects of culture will be the main emphasis of this panel. Focus can be on apocalyptic visual arts and cinema, but written literature is also appropriate.

Please send e-mail abstracts of 250-300 words in MS Word to Annette M. Magid, SUNY Erie Community College <>.

Deadline: September 30, 2011
Please include with your abstract:
Name and Affiliation

Proposed title for your paper
E-mail address
Postal address
Telephone number
A/V requirements (if any; $10 handling fee with registration)

Visit the website at

We are delighted to announce the launch of Zanzalá, a Brazilian on-line academic journal dedicated to science-fiction studies. Zanzalá can be accessed at

Zanzalá: Estudos de Ficção Científica (ISSN 2236-8191) is the first peer-reviewed Brazilian academic journal dedicated to the study and research of science fiction in multiple formats: literature, film, television, theater, music, games, etc. Zanzalá is linked to the research group (CNPq) Laboratory for Studies in Audiovisual Science Fiction (LEFCAV), based at the Institute of Arts and Design, Federal University of Juiz de Fora. This journal is published twice a year. Texts are accepted in 3 categories (essay, short paper and review), in 5 languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Italian). Submissions may deal with SF from any region of the world. The title of the journal honors a seminal novel in the history of Brazilian science fiction literature: Zanzalá and the Kingdom of Heaven (1949), by Afonso Schmidt.

For further information, please contact us by e-mail:

We invite all SF researchers to submit essays, short-papers and/or reviews.