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Monthly Archives: October 2011

You all may think I’m a little crazy to add the death of Steve Jobs to our blog as an industry news. But you have to understand… this is to me a real life science fiction hero. Many of us here read science fiction, but I’ve gotten to live in a science fiction dream. He’s my mother’s age. He started one of my favorite companies the year I was born. Some of my first memories are learning to program on an Apple IIe. My first major crush was on a boy who could outprogram me and had the new Apple IIgs and I might have had a bigger crush on the computer but it’s hard to say. Living in Silicon Valley with other real life science fiction giants, I would continue to get goosebumps driving by Apple headquarters. And I’m not one of the insane uber-Apple geeks. I don’t know a lot about writers or fancy literary stuff, but I know that Steve Jobs is a part of my real life science fiction dream.

Curious about what fine banquet dining Donald has worked out with the caterers at the hotel? Get a preview of the menu of succulent concoctions that await you in March! In fact, there are even lactose and gluten free options! Make sure you add your selection when you register for the conference!