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You all may think I’m a little crazy to add the death of Steve Jobs to our blog as an industry news. But you have to understand… this is to me a real life science fiction hero. Many of us here read science fiction, but I’ve gotten to live in a science fiction dream. He’s my mother’s age. He started one of my favorite companies the year I was born. Some of my first memories are learning to program on an Apple IIe. My first major crush was on a boy who could outprogram me and had the new Apple IIgs and I might have had a bigger crush on the computer but it’s hard to say. Living in Silicon Valley with other real life science fiction giants, I would continue to get goosebumps driving by Apple headquarters. And I’m not one of the insane uber-Apple geeks. I don’t know a lot about writers or fancy literary stuff, but I know that Steve Jobs is a part of my real life science fiction dream.