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Monthly Archives: April 2012

If you haven’t filled out the survey, it’s not too late!!  We’d love your feedback and will definitely review at our next board meeting so make sure your voice is heard.

The survey is located at

Thanks everyone!

Arthurian Film / TV / Electronic Games Collection (6/1/12)

The Virtual Society for the Study of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages is seeking proposals of 500 words for essays devoted to Arthurian-themed film, television, and/or electronic games. We are particularly interested in approaches that explore issues of transformation and/or diversity in these works.

Please submit proposals and CV to by 6/1/12 and note “Are You From Camelot Proposal” in the subject line.

Completed essays should be between 5000 to 8000 words and submitted to the editors by 12/1/12 or earlier.

Tor Books president and publisher Tom Doherty has announced the company will stop selling e-books encrypted with digital rights management (DRM) software starting this July. This change encompasses the Tor, Forge, Orb, Starscape, and Tor Teen lines.

Doherty wrote, “Our authors and readers have been asking for this for a long time… They’re a technically sophisticated bunch, and DRM is a constant annoyance to them. It prevents them from using legitimately-purchased e-books in perfectly legal ways, like moving them from one kind of e-reader to another.”

Tor titles are expected to remain available from current e-book retailers, and to become available from retailers who exclusively sell DRM-free e-books.

While several prominent genre publishers — including Baen and Night Shade Books — already sell DRM-free e-books, Tor is the first imprint of a “Big Six” trade publisher to embrace DRM-free digital publishing. Tor is the largest publisher of SF/fantasy in the world.


2012 Conference of The Northeast Popular Culture/American Culture Association (NEPCA) St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York

26-27 October 2012

Proposals by 1 June 2012

Proposals are invited from scholars of all levels for papers to be presented in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Legend Area.

Presentations will be limited to 15-20 minutes in length (depending on final panel size) and may address any aspect of the intermedia genres of science fiction, fantasy, and/or legends as represented in popular culture produced in any country, any time period, and for any audience. Please see our website

( for further details and ideas.

If you are interested in proposing a paper or panel of papers, please send a proposal of approximately 300 to 500 words and a one to two page CV to both the Program Chair AND to the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Legend Area Chair at the following addresses (please note “SF/Fantasy/Legend Proposal” in your subject line):

Tim Madigan
Program Chair

Michael A. Torregrossa
Science Fiction, Fantasy and Legend Area Chair

The Northeast Popular Culture/American Culture Association (NEPCA) is a regional affiliate of the American Culture Association and the Popular Culture Association. NEPCA is an association of scholars in New England and New York, organized in 1974 at the University of Rhode Island. We reorganized and incorporated in Boston in 1992. The purpose of this professional association is to encourage and assist research, publication, and teaching on popular culture and culture studies topics by scholars in the northeast region of the United States. By bringing together scholars from various disciplines, both academic and non-academic people, we foster interdisciplinary research and learning. We publish a newsletter twice per year and we hold an annual conference at which we present both the Peter C. Rollins Book Award and an annual prize.

Membership in NEPCA is required for participation. Annual dues are currently $30 for full-time faculty and $15 to all other individuals.

Further details are available at

Taryne is soliciting nominations for the next Student Caucus representative. Nominees must be students and should have attended at least one ICFA. Please feel free to self-nominate.

Nominations must be submitted to Taryne off list at by Monday, April 23.

Voting will open May 1 and close May 7. Voting is open to only IAFA student membership and will not be announced through the general list. If you have yet to join the SCIAFA list, please visit this link:

Science Fiction Film and Television ( is seeking articles for a special issue in on world sf cinema and television.

Although excluding the US from discussions of world cinema and television creates a problematic opposition(ality), we are seeking critical work on sf from other national/transnational, and especially non-Anglophone, contexts, both historical and contemporary.

We are particularly, but not exclusively, interested in work which introduces and/or offers fresh insights into specific national cinemas/televisions, or which reconceptualises sf by relativising US/First Cinema variants as culturally-specific approaches rather than generic norms, or which addresses the following:

  • globalisation
  • transnationalism
  • imperialism, neo-imperialism, post-imperialism
  • colonialism, decolonisation, neo-colonialism, post-colonialism
  • sf from the Third World/Developing World/Global South
  • indigenous, Fourth World and Fourth Cinema sf
  • the subaltern
  • nationhood, national identity, regional identity
  • race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality
  • global networks, informational black holes
  • borders, borderlands
  • homelands, migrations, diasporas
  • national, international or transnational contexts of production, distribution or consumption
  • specific production cycles

Submissions should be made via our website at

Any queries should be directed to the editors, Mark Bould ( and Sherryl Vint  (

The deadline for submission to this special issue is September 1 2013.

Hope everyone has recovered from ICFA-33! It’s always so wonderful to get together each year and so hard to get back to our everyday lives sometimes. We’re so excited at how many of you were able to join us this year and can’t wait to do it all again next year!

In the meanwhile, we have this year’s annual conference survey. We’d really appreciate it if you could fill this out in the next two weeks. This will help us greatly as we plan for ICFA-34, Fantastic Adaptations, Transformations, and Audiences, which will be held March 20-24. The survey is located at

Also, let us know if you have any present or future interest in serving as an officer of IAFA (as a board member or division head). Specify which positions you would be interested in pursuing (a list of board member positions and divisions is provided in the inside front cover of the program and on the web site, Please consult the bylaws for more information about the duties of these positions.)

Current positions open:

  • Film and Television Division Head

The 2011 BSFA Award Winners were announced at 2012 Eastercon last weekend. Congratulations everyone!

Novel: The Islanders, Christopher Priest (Gollancz)
Short Fiction: ‘The Copenhagen Interpretation’, Paul Cornell (Asimov’s July 2011)
Artwork: Cover of Ian Whates’s The Noise Revealed, Dominic Harman (Solaris)
The SF Encyclopedia, 3rd Edition, John Clute, Peter Nicholls, David Langford, & Graham Sleight, eds. (SF Gateway)

Reposted from the Hugo Award site.

Presented at: Chicon 7, Chicago, Illinois, August 30-September 3, 2012
John Scalzi
Base design:
Deb Kosiba
Awards Administration:
Diane Lacey, Jeff Orth, David Gallaher, John Platt, Helen Montgomery

Best Novel

  • Among Others, Jo Walton (Tor)
  • A Dance With Dragons, George R. R. Martin (Bantam Spectra)
  • Deadline, Mira Grant (Orbit)
  • Embassytown, China Miéville (Macmillan / Del Rey)
  • Leviathan Wakes, James S. A. Corey (Orbit)

Best Novella

  • Countdown, Mira Grant (Orbit)
  • “The Ice Owl”, Carolyn Ives Gilman (The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction)
  • “Kiss Me Twice”, Mary Robinette Kowal (Asimov’s)
  • “The Man Who Bridged the Mist”, Kij Johnson (Asimov’s)
  • “The Man Who Ended History: A Documentary”, Ken Liu (Panverse 3)
  • Silently and Very Fast, Catherynne M. Valente (WSFA)

Note: 6 nominees due to tie for final position.

Best Novelette

  • “The Copenhagen Interpretation”, Paul Cornell (Asimov’s)
  • “Fields of Gold”, Rachel Swirsky (Eclipse Four)
  • “Ray of Light”, Brad R. Torgersen (Analog)
  • “Six Months, Three Days”, Charlie Jane Anders (
  • “What We Found”, Geoff Ryman (The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction)

Best Short Story

  • “The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees”, E. Lily Yu (Clarkesworld)
  • “The Homecoming”, Mike Resnick (Asimov’s)
  • “Movement”, Nancy Fulda (Asimov’s)
  • “The Paper Menagerie”, Ken Liu (The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction)
  • “Shadow War of the Night Dragons: Book One: The Dead City: Prologue”, John Scalzi (

Best Related Work

  • The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, Third Edition, edited by John Clute, David Langford, Peter Nicholls, and Graham Sleight (Gollancz)
  • Jar Jar Binks Must Die…and other Observations about Science Fiction Movies, Daniel M. Kimmel (Fantastic Books)
  • The Steampunk Bible: An Illustrated Guide to the World of Imaginary Airships, Corsets and Goggles, Mad Scientists, and Strange Literature, Jeff VanderMeer and S. J. Chambers (Abrams Image)
  • Wicked Girls (CD), Seanan McGuire
  • Writing Excuses, Season 6 (podcast series), Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Jordan Sanderson

Best Graphic Story

  • Digger, by Ursula Vernon (Sofawolf Press)
  • Fables Vol 15: Rose Red, by Bill Willingham and Mark Buckingham (Vertigo)
  • Locke & Key Volume 4: Keys To The Kingdom, written by Joe Hill, illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez (IDW)
  • Schlock Mercenary: Force Multiplication, written and illustrated by Howard Tayler, colors by Travis Walton (The Tayler Corporation)
  • The Unwritten (Volume 4): Leviathan, created by Mike Carey and Peter Gross, written by Mike Carey, illustrated by Peter Gross (Vertigo)

Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form

  • Captain America: The First Avenger, screenplay by Christopher Markus and Stephan McFeely; directed by Joe Johnston (Marvel)
  • Game of Thrones (Season 1), created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss;
    written by David Benioff, D. B. Weiss, Bryan Cogman, Jane Espenson, and George R. R. Martin; directed by Brian Kirk, Daniel Minahan, Tim van Patten, and Alan Taylor (HBO)
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, screenplay by Steve Kloves; directed by David Yates (Warner Bros.)
  • Hugo, screenplay by John Logan; directed by Martin Scorsese (Paramount)
  • Source Code, screenplay by Ben Ripley; directed by Duncan Jones (Vendome Pictures)

Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form

  • Doctor Who, ”The Doctor’s Wife”, written by Neil Gaiman; directed by Richard Clark (BBC Wales)
  • The Drink Tank’s Hugo Acceptance Speech”, Christopher J Garcia and James Bacon (Renovation)
  • Doctor Who, ”The Girl Who Waited”, written by Tom MacRae; directed by Nick Hurran (BBC Wales)
  • Doctor Who, ”A Good Man Goes to War”, written by Steven Moffat; directed by Peter Hoar (BBC Wales)
  • Community, ”Remedial Chaos Theory”, written by Dan Harmon and Chris McKenna; directed by Jeff Melman (NBC)

Best Semiprozine

  • Apex Magazine, edited by Catherynne M. Valente, Lynne M. Thomas, and Jason Sizemore
  • Interzone, edited by Andy Cox
  • Lightspeed, edited by John Joseph Adams
  • Locus, edited by Liza Groen Trombi, Kirsten Gong-Wong, et al.
  • New York Review of Science Fiction, edited by David G. Hartwell, Kevin J. Maroney, Kris Dikeman, and Avram Grumer

Best Fanzine

  • Banana Wings, edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer
  • The Drink Tank, edited by James Bacon and Christopher J Garcia
  • File 770, edited by Mike Glyer
  • Journey Planet, edited by James Bacon, Christopher J Garcia, et al.
  • SF Signal, edited by John DeNardo

Best Fancast

  • The Coode Street Podcast, Jonathan Strahan & Gary K. Wolfe
  • Galactic Suburbia Podcast, Alisa Krasnostein, Alex Pierce, and Tansy Rayner Roberts (presenters) and Andrew Finch (producer)
  • SF Signal Podcast, John DeNardo and JP Frantz (presenters), Patrick Hester (producer)
  • SF Squeecast, Lynne M. Thomas, Seanan McGuire, Paul Cornell, Elizabeth Bear, and Catherynne M. Valente
  • StarShipSofa, Tony C. Smith

Best Editor, Long Form

  • Lou Anders
  • Liz Gorinsky
  • Anne Lesley Groell
  • Patrick Nielsen Hayden
  • Betsy Wollheim

Best Editor, Short Form

  • John Joseph Adams
  • Neil Clarke
  • Stanley Schmidt
  • Jonathan Strahan
  • Sheila Williams

Best Professional Artist

  • Dan dos Santos
  • Bob Eggleton
  • Michael Komarck
  • Stephan Martiniere
  • John Picacio

Best Fan Artist

  • Brad W. Foster
  • Randall Munroe
  • Spring Schoenhuth
  • Maurine Starkey
  • Steve Stiles
  • Taral Wayne

Note: 6 nominees due to tie for final position.

Best Fan Writer

  • James Bacon
  • Claire Brialey
  • Christopher J. Garcia
  • Jim C. Hines
  • Steven H Silver

The John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer

  • Mur Lafferty
  • Stina Leicht
  • Karen Lord
  • Brad R. Torgersen
  • E. Lily Yu

1,101 valid nominating ballots were received.

A breakdown of the number of nominations each work/person received will be released after the awards are announced at Chicon 7.

It was announced on Friday, April 6, at Norwescon 35, in SeaTac, Washington, that the winner for the distinguished original science fiction paperback published for the first time during 2011 in the U.S.A. is:


Special citation was given to:

THE COMPANY MAN by Robert Jackson Bennett (Orbit)

The Philip K. Dick Award is presented annually with the support of the Philip K. Dick Trust for distinguished science fiction published in paperback original form in the United States. The award is sponsored by the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society and the Philip K. Dick Trust and the award ceremony is sponsored by the NorthWest Science Fiction Society. The 2011 award was given to THE STRANGE AFFAIR OF SPRING HEELED JACK by Mark Hodder (Pyr) with a special citation given to HARMONY by Project Itoh (Haikasoru). The 2011 judges were Scott Baker (chair), Mark Budz, Roby James, Darrell Schweitzer, and Alice K. Turner.

This year’s judges are Bruce Bethke, Sydney Duncan, Daryl Gregory, Bridget McKenna, and Paul Witcover,

For more information, contact the award administration:
Gordon Van Gelder (201) 876-2551
John Silbersack (212) 333-1513
Pat Lo Brutto (845) 516-4412

For more information about the Philip K. Dick Trust:

For more information about the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society,
Contact Gary Feldbaum (215) 665-5752

For more information about Norwescon:
Contact NorthWest SF Society: (425) 686-9737

Philip K. Dick Awards
c/o PO Box 3447
Hoboken, NJ 07030
(201) 876-2551