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Please read the updated ICFA Submission Rules for both research and creative programming and the updated Programming Deadlines.

Please note that you will be submitting your proposal to a specific Division. Please see our list of Divisions and Division Heads here.

For papers that combine various media (e.g. a comparative reading of the originals and adaptations of Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale etc.) or genres (e.g. something discussing an sf novel and a fantasy novel) or areas (e.g. paper on texts one of which is Anglophone and the other international), you can choose which division you would rather present in.

NB: DHs may choose to redirect submissions to other divisions to form joint sessions/panels.

The submissions period for ICFA 42 is from
1 November, 2020 through 31 November, 2020 (Orlando, FL time.)

Note: Please make sure that the URL of this page begins with https, not just http:. We’ve switched to a more secure method of connecting to the server.

This is a test form for ICFA 42.

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