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Winners of the 2011 Chesley Awards, given by the Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists (ASFA), were announced at Renovation, the 69th Worldcon, August 18, 2011. Thanks, Locus, for the announcement! 🙂

  • Best Cover Illustration – Paperback Book: Jason Chan, for Geist by Phillipa
    Ballantine (Ace)
  • Best Cover Illustration – Hardback Book: Michael Whelan, for The Way of Kings by
    Brandon Sanderson (Tor)
  • Best Cover Illustration – Magazine: Nick Greenwood, for Orson Scott Card’s
    Intergalactic Medicine Show (6/10)
  • Best Interior Illustration: Donato Giancola, Middle Earth: Visions of a Modern Myth
    by Donato Giancola (Underwood)
  • Best Three-Dimensional Art: Mark Newman, “Eel Walker”; bronze
  • Best Color Work—Unpublished: Julie Dillon, “Planetary Alignment”; digital
  • Best Monochrome Work – Unpublished: Ian Miller, “Triptych”; ink
  • Best Product Illustration: Sam Weber, Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan, promo art for
    Tor ebook (1/10)
  • Best Gaming-Related Illustration: Lucas Graciano, “Amorphous Drake” (Legends of
    Norrath); Sony Online Entertainment
  • Best Art Director: Jon Schindehette, for Wizards of the Coast
  • Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement: Boris Vallejo