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As IAFA president Dale Knickerbocker wrote ( on March 23, 2020, the organization was able to negotiate an advantageous agreement with the conference hotel. This means that the financial impact of ICFA 41’s cancellation is not catastrophic. We thank ICFA attendees for their outpouring of support.


ICFA 41’s theme, “Climate Change and the Anthropocene,” will be repeated for ICFA 42. Guests of honor Stacy Alaimo (University of Oregon) and Jeff VanderMeer have agreed to attend. ICFA 42 is scheduled for March 17–20, 2021.

Although the theme is the same, the conference will be treated as a wholly new endeavor. All papers, panels, and so on must be resubmitted for reconsideration.

ICFA 43 “Fantastic Alterities” will feature guest author Rebecca Roanhorse and guest scholar Farah Mendlesohn. ICFA 43 is scheduled for March 16–19, 2022.


Everyone signed up for ICFA 41 has been credited. Please log into your account ( and check your credit, which must be used within the next 2 years. If you are fine with a credit, you need do nothing.

If you wish to donate your credit to IAFA, or if you require a refund, please email me. Thanks to those who have already donated their credit.

If you require tax paperwork for a donation, or if you need a special invoice run for institutional reimbursement, please email me, including all relevant details.

If you notice a financial discrepancy between what you paid and what you are credited, please email me. I can look at your credit-card payment transaction and update the system accordingly.

It would be convenient if all these requests could be made by April 15, 2020.


Those who received travel grants for ICFA 41 will receive them again for ICFA 42.


When you log into your account to check your credit, please also check your division. The Gothic and Horror (GAH) division was recently added. If this is a field of interest for you, please tick the relevant box so that we can get a listing of people interested in this division. Likewise, if you’ve moved from one division to another, edit your preferences so that we can send the division heads an accurate listing.


We stopped ICFA 41’s merchandise order before it was fully printed. Therefore, there is no ICFA 41 merch, except for about 40 totes. Apologies to ICFA merch completists. The artwork for ICFA 41 will be reused for ICFA 42. The fate of the ICFA 41 totes (which list the convention date but not the guests of honor) remains to be determined.


I hope to see everyone in 2021.

Karen Hellekson, IAFA Registrar (