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From Chrissie Mains, First Vice-President:

After much sweating of palms and furrowing of brows, the program for ICFA 29, to be held in Orlando March 19-23, is available on the association’s website for your information and enjoyment. From the main page, click on the link for Conference Information, and scroll down until you see the link for this year’s program. Clicking on that link will open a page that lists the program schedule. Do remember that this program is preliminary and subject to change right up until the conference starts, so don’t use it as a basis for your travel plans!

I’d appreciate it if everyone who is participating on the program in any way could check to make sure that their names, their affiliations, and the titles of their papers are spelled properly; it’s especially important to check the formatting of titles, since some formatting information can be lost in transit in the long journey between your computer and mine. If you spot a typo, please contact me at and I’ll fix that right up. And it wouldn’t hurt to use the browser’s ‘find on this page’ function to look for your name, in case you’ve been scheduled on a panel or other event that you weren’t quite aware of (hey, it happens sometimes).

Do keep in mind that any requests for scheduling and A/V had to be included in the original proposal; such requests affect the grouping of papers into sessions and the scheduling of those sessions into the rooms we have available, and it’s extremely difficult to make changes at this stage. If you see a problem, then contact both your division head and me immediately, and we’ll do our best to resolve it.

However, there is a limited time in which to make any corrections to the program that will appear in print, so don’t put this on your to-do list for later. And I’ll say again: if you think you won’t be able to make the conference after all, now is the time to tell us.

We’ve got a wonderfully diverse program this year, and we think you’ll love the new hotel (the pool bar is really quite nice, and the room for our evening programming is beautiful). And remember, although the program officially ends with the Saturday night banquet, this year we do have a Sunday trip to Universal Studios theme park (more info on the website).

See you in March,