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Unfashioned Creatures…Half Made Up
ICFA Flash Play Festival III

Friday, March 16th 9:45-10:45 pm


Directed by Carrie J. Cole and Kelli Shermeyer

Hosted by Guest of Honor John Kessel

Performed by some of the usual suspects–authors, academics, and editors in attendance at ICFA

Your challenge:

Write a ten-minute play (roughly ten pages of dialogue) which MUST INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING:

  • No more than THREE characters
  • One of THREE props
  • A pitchfork
  • A meteorite
  • A giant inflatable banana
  • The following line of dialogue: You look like somebody dug you up and stitched you together.

Deadline for submission: SUNDAY, March 4th. Send your plays (and any questions you may have) to with the subject line “ICFA Flash Play Festival”.