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Dear Members of the Fantastic Community:

ICFA in March:

After a highly successful live symposium in October, the Executive Board of the IAFA has decided that, if conditions remain essentially the same (hopefully they will improve) we intend to go forward with ICFA at the Marriott Orl​ando Airport Lakeside planned from March 16-20, 2022. There have been no reports of COVID 19 symptoms or positive tests from the symposium attendees. The return of international travel is a hopeful sign that we are past the worst of the pandemic. Of course, should conditions worsen to the point where travel is once again restricted, we would likely change to a virtual format in March. In any event, we will also hold a virtual conference in October 2022 as previously announced. Details will be available for this event early in 2022. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Room reservations:

Because of upheavals at the Marriott due to the pandemic, some patterns are shifted this year, and we are not yet ready to make hotel room information available. We will provide information on how to reserve guest rooms as soon as we can, and rest assured there will be enough.


Dale Knickerbocker
President, International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts (