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When: March 18–21, 2020

Where: Marriott Orlando Airport Hotel, Orlando, Florida, USA

Guest Scholar: Stacy Alaimo, University of Oregon

Guest Author: Jeff VanderMeer


Important: Please help the conference by staying when you can at the
conference hotel. The conference receives important perks and
concessions that rely on attendees’ staying in the conference hotel.
Please note that the room rate at the conference hotel is the same
regardless of the number of people who share it.

Info for conference hotel (Saturday and Sunday nights available only;
all else is SOLD OUT):

Info for overflow conference hotel (Sheraton Suites Orlando Airport, a
short walk from the Marriott, $169 plus tax—higher than the Marriott
but less than the rack rate): Please see the email address associated with your membership for a direct link.

Hotel questions: Contact Jeri Zulli (jerzulli AT, conference director.


Presenters, did your plans change? If you had a paper accepted but you
know you cannot attend, please let your division head know so we can
remove you from the program.

Presenters, did you review the draft program? Division heads have sent
around the draft program to presenters. Please check it for
correctness of name, institution (if relevant), and paper title;
confirm you can make the date and time of your sessions; and check to
ensure you are not double booked. We have a high proportion of
two-person panels this year that we’re keen to consolidate, so if
you’re on a two-person panel, it’s likely your date and time will
change. Corrections are due to the 1VP, Valorie Ebert (iafa.1vp AT, by January 30, 2020. Read Val’s full note online:

Sched: Our first-time use of the Sched scheduling app last year was so
successful that we are going to use it again—and we will not be
preparing the paper Pocket Program. Full-size souvenir program
booklets featuring fabulous artwork will be available as usual.


I will email around an invitation to volunteer after the final
schedule is posted online, so people can feel confident in committing
to times. Volunteering is available for registration and AV. I will
need people on Tuesday to help me prep packets and badges, so if your
schedule permits, do please come early and help out.

We pay 10 IAFA Bucks per hour spent volunteering. These may be used
for merch and meal tickets at this year’s convention, or they may be
held and put toward next year’s registration. IAFA Bucks may not be
used for this year’s registration, and they may not be used in the
book room, which is financially independent. Volunteering is a great
way for new attendees and grad students to make connections!


The purpose of the Student Caucus (SCIAFA) is to foster and promote
growth, scholarship, and fellowship among the student members of the
IAFA and to address the needs of students working in the field of the
fantastic by establishing mentoring and other programs by coordinating
efforts with the main body of the IAFA. If you are a student member of
the IAFA, you are automatically a member of SCIAFA.

The student caucus offers a mentoring program for those who are new to
IAFA. They match up students with a long-standing member of IAFA, who
will orient them and introduce them to people at the conference. To
make the mentoring program successful, we need more mentors.
Interested mentors should email Kylie Korsnack (iafa.studentcaucus2 AT Please title your email SCIAFA Mentorship
Program, and in your email, please answer the following questions:

What is your name, email address, and affiliation?
What are your main interests in the field of the fantastic?
What are your arrival and departure dates for the conference?
Are you currently planning to attend the conference reception on
Wednesday evening?*
Which role are you signing up for, mentor or mentee?

*Please inform us if your plans change!


Conference hashtag: #ICFA41
IAFA Listserv:
IAFA on Facebook:
IAFA on Twitter:
Student Caucus (SCIAFA) on Facebook:


We updated our database when we switched from a yearly membership
structure to a calendar year structure. This caused two problems.
First, some first name–last name combos got switched. This has mostly
been corrected, but if you receive a wrongly addressed email, please
let me know the correct name, and I can fix it. Second, the term of
membership is sometimes incorrect. If you notice your term is off by a
year, let me know. I’ve been changing these manually when I notice

Some folks seem to have two accounts registered under different email addresses. I can merge your two
accounts; just tell me the email address you prefer.

If you have any questions or need any help with membership renewal or
registration, please let me know. I’m here to help.

Looking forward to seeing you in March!

Karen Hellekson

IAFA Membership Registrar

iafareg AT