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Dear All,

Just a quick note. You should have received a copy of the draft program from your Division Head.

If you could please check the program for the following:

1. Your name, institution, and paper title.

We have tried to make sure that everything is correct, but some formatting errors may have crept in.

2. The time and day of your sessions.

We believe that we have accommodated all the stated scheduling requests that your Division Heads forwarded (and they have already checked for these, but with a program this full, errors may have crept in); however, if there is a conflict or significant issue, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you.

3. Please also check in case you have been “double booked.”

We don’t believe anyone has been double booked, but another pair of eyes doesn’t hurt.

This year we have a number of two-person panels due to certain presenters already emailing to withdraw. We will try to consolidate some of these panels, so if you are in one of these two person sessions please be aware that the times and dates may change as we try to put your paper into a full session. If you are in a two-person session, could you please email your Division Head and the 1st VP (, and we will try to organize a full session for you.

If you could please get any responses to us by Thursday, 30th January, we would greatly appreciate it. We should then be able to get the program finalized by Monday, 3rd February. As you can see, the program this year is full of wonderful and interesting sessions. Thank you all for making the conference what it is.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Orlando.

Valorie Ebert
First Vice President, International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts (