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Conference Hotel: We encourage you to stay at the conference hotel, as it accrues benefits to the organization. The price is the same no matter how many people share the room. The hotel has just released a number of double rooms to us.

The hotel usually sells out, so if you haven’t already, do please book immediately:

You can also find a direct link to book in the email account associated with your membership.

If you have already booked elsewhere, please consider trying to switching over to the Marriott.

Membership and registration:

Please note that the Friday Guest Scholar lunch is included with your registration fee. The other meals cost extra.

Membership term: The membership term has been changed to calendar year. If you suspect that the system did something goofy and the year is off, contact the Registrar to research and fix.

Price list (registration fee increases on January 14, 2020):

Merch: All merch is now the same price: $20 per piece. Only one size of tote will be available this year. If you realize you would prefer another piece of merch, you can freely exchange it, as there is no price difference.

Problems logging in? What if the system fails to recognize your name/e-mail combination? Don’t create a new profile. STOP and e-mail the Registration and Membership Coordinator, Karen Hellekson. She can update your info.

Are you a joint membership holder? The joint membership administrator first must pay the IAFA membership fee through her own account. Then each person must log in individually and sign up for the conference. If you need to break up a joint membership, email the Registrar, who can handle that bit of paperwork for you. Do you have a credit? (The system will tell you.) Sign up as usual, which will generate an invoice. Then STOP. Do not pay. Instead, email Karen with the invoice number and tell her to apply your credit. She will then contact you with any outstanding balance.

New Division Head: Please welcome Carrie Cole as the shadow VPAA Division Head!