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ICFA 41 “Climate Change and the Anthropocene”

When: March 18–21, 2020

Where: Marriott Orlando Airport Hotel, Orlando, Florida, USA

Guest Scholar: Stacy Alaimo, University of Oregon

Guest Author: Jeff VanderMeer


The (draft) program is online! It’s linked at IAFA’s home page ( and is continually updated.

Did your plans change? If you cannot attend after all, please email me at once.
Hotel: Both the conference hotel and the overflow hotel are sold out at conference rates; rooms may still be available at regular rates. The Marriott’s room block releases Wednesday; thereafter cancellations will not revert to us but to the hotel. Therefore, if you need to cancel rooms, gather together your confirmation numbers and dates, and email con director

Jeri Zulli (jerzulli AT Anyone canceling or needing a room should reach out at once.

Do you have an unpaid invoice? No worries! You can pay on site. However, I’ll be sending around an automated email to everyone with outstanding balances closer to the convention date, asking you to pay, in an attempt to ease the lines at reg. Of course you can log into your account and pay at any time. AmEx is not accepted on site.


If you have decided that you wish to attend a particular meal that you haven’t signed up for, please email me at once. I can adjust your invoice to add these extras, but only within the next few days, because we have to commit meal numbers to the hotel.

Please also check your travel plans against the meals. If you discover that your travel plans mean that must miss a meal that you are signed up for, please email me at once.

Prepaid meal tickets are not refundable or exchangeable on site. Meal tickets will be available on site on a limited basis for purchase at a higher rate.


The volunteer form is live ( Volunteering is available for registration and AV. I will need people on Tuesday to help me prep packets and badges, so if your schedule permits, do please come early and help out. We pay 10 IAFA Bucks per hour for signed-up volunteers. More info available here:


The student caucus offers a mentoring program for those who are new to IAFA. They match up students with a long-standing member of IAFA, who will orient them and introduce them to people at the conference. We need SEVEN more mentors! Full info here:


Conference hashtag: #ICFA41
IAFA Listserv:
IAFA on Facebook:
IAFA on Twitter:
Student Caucus (SCIAFA) on Facebook:

If you have any questions or need any help, please reach out. I’ll send around a final email closer to the con date with useful info.

See you in March!

Karen Hellekson

IAFA Membership Registrar

iafareg AT