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The IAFA is committed to finding ways to make attendance of the ICFA feasible for as many financially disadvantaged members of our community as possible, and to doing so in a fair and even-handed way.

Toward this end, we are replacing the current subvention system and increasing the amount the organization dedicates to this purpose to $3,000 USD annually. The funds will be distributed in the following way:
o 2 international invited artists: US$500 each
o 2 scholars: one international US$700, one from the US at US$300*
o 2 students: one international US$700, one from the US at US$300*
We also urge members who are able to contribute to this fund to do so at These donations will be added to the following year’s assistance fund toward additional awards.

*Some additional consideration, in the form of an additional complimentary room night, will be presented to U.S. recipients whose distance from the continental United States results in significantly higher travel expenses.
Please note: In order to assist IAFA in funding these grants, IAFA requires that recipients stay at the conference hotel. The hotel compensates IAFA based on room usage, and in turn, this compensation helps us fund these grants. We are contractually obligated to meet minimum guest room requirements, and IAFA loses money when attendees stay elsewhere.
Recipients will be decided by blind draw, and will receive a check in the appropriate amount at the end of the conference.

Eligibility: All invited artists and scholars not receiving institutional assistance are eligible to apply. All students are eligible to apply.

How to apply: Attendees requesting assistance should self-identify at this link by Dec. 15, 2019: