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Sustainable Societies Project: Writing a Better Future
Write a short story set within a Utopia Writing competition: Sustainable Society. Free to enter, prizes and publication opportunities. Deadline 19th April 2018

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Your stories do not have to be about climate change or sustainability directly. It can be any kind of story as long as it showcases potential sustainable solutions as suggested on our website. A rom-com, for example, could be set in a society that replaces ownership with borrowing and the heroine goes to a clothes library to pick up a dress and borrow jewellery for her big date; or the hero in a crime drama could use a carbon credit card and hear the news in the background reporting on the wellbeing index instead of GDP; or the characters in a legal drama could live in a city where everyone has gardens on their roofs, uses the latest green technologies, eats insect burgers and generates energy from their own waste, and so on. We are eager to read what your imaginations can come with!