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Abstracts of 300 words for a 20 minute English language paper and a 100 word biography should be submitted to by Monday 7th March 2016. Please circulate as appropriate.

The 2016 conference will be welcoming Dr Caroline Edwards and Dr Patricia Wheeler as this year’s keynote speakers. In addition, the conference will be serving as the opening, as I’m sure you’re all well aware, for the SFRA’s three-day conference in Liverpool (28th-30th).

We are seeking abstracts for 20 minute papers on topics related to speculative fiction on a wide variety of subjects:

•Alternate History •Alternative Culture •Animal Studies •Anime •Apocalypse •Body Horror •Consciousness •Cyber Culture •Drama •Eco-criticism •Fan Culture •Gaming •(Geo)Politics •Genre •Gender •Graphic Novels •The Grotesque •The Heroic Tradition •Liminal Fantasy •Magic •Meta-Franchises •Morality •Monstrosity •Music •Non-Anglo-American SF •Otherness •Pastoral •Poetry •Politics •Post-Colonialism and Empire •Proto-SF •Psychology •Quests •Realism •Sexuality •Slipstream •Spiritualism •Steampunk •Supernatural •Technology •Time •TV and Film •Urban Fantasy •Utopia/Dystopia •(Virtual) Spaces and Environments •Weird Fiction •World Building •Young Adult Fiction.