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“It’s Happening Again”: Twenty-Five Years of Twin Peaks: EXTENDED DEADLINE! (new submission date: September 30 2015)

 Call for Papers for “It’s Happening Again”: 25 Years of Twin Peaks, a proposed edited collection on the television show Twin Peaks. Eric Hoffman and Dominick Grace solicit essays for a new collection celebrating one of television’s greatest cult phenomena. Originally airing in 1990/91, Mark Frost and David Lynch’sTwin Peaks will be returning, just over twenty-five years after it went off the air, and this collection will explore the show in the context of its time, and its legacy. We are interested in papers on all aspects of the television program as well as on tie-ins and connected materials (e.g. the film Fire Walk with Me, the new Log Lady material added for the show’s run on Bravo, the book The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, etc.). Possible subjects include but are not limited to:

narrative and the televisual medium
cinema versus television textuality
Twin Peaks in relationship to Lynch’s oeuvre
Twin Peaks as pop culture phenomenon
Twin Peaks as satire
Twin Peaks as cult/experimental television
Twin Peaks and sexuality/gender/feminist contexts
generic explorations – specifically murder mystery/film noir, soap opera, horror, fantasy, science fiction, etc.

Completed papers can be submitted, in Word, to Dominick Grace ( or to Eric Hoffman ( Papers should be between 5,000 and 7,000 words and should follow MLA guidelines. Inquiries and proposals are also welcome. Eric Hoffman and Dominick Grace are the co-editors of Dave Sim: Conversations, Chester Brown: Conversations and Seth: Conversations, all of which are part of the University Press of Mississippi’s Conversations with Comics Artists series.

Deadline for submission: September 30, 2015.