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The International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts is accepting applications for the position of Interim Chief Technology Officer.


The duties involved in the position include:

  • inputting the conference program into the Sched app and continuing to update it with errata
  • managing the IAFA and the Board listservs  
  • ongoing technical maintenance of the IAFA website (running on WildApricot) 
  • managing email forwarders for the Board and officers 
  • supporting, in a limited capacity, the VICFA team 

Except for populating Sched with the program, which requires a stretch of time before the conference, most duties are low-intensity outside the March conference window, which requires more sustained attention. 

Prospective candidates do not need to have specific experience in the duties listed above but must feel securely comfortable with digital technologies and be willing to learn (the learning curve for all duties is not particularly steep). 

The appointed candidate will be trained by the IAFA CTO and will begin their duties immediately upon appointment, most likely around February 25. The length of the appointment is not fully clear at this time but may extend until the end of the calendar year with a possibility of becoming (semi)permanent.

Those interested in applying must send a brief statement of interest in, and qualifications for, the position to the IAFA President, Pawel Frelik (, no later than February 20, 2023.