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IAFA Program Book Editor — Call for Applications

By In IAFA, ICFA, Position Announcement On August 28, 2022

The IAFA is soliciting applications for the position of the Program Book Editor to edit the fall Virtual ICFA (VICFA) program and the ICFA conference program book. This appointment will be for one-year, with the possibility to renew indefinitely. Experience with IAFA culture is considered an asset for the position. Professional experience with layout and similar design work is a must. Those applying should have access to their own design software (InDesign or equivalent). The content for the book will be provided by the IAFA officers, and the files used in design of previous program books will be made available to help assist in the production of the new one. At the time of appointment, the IAFA will provide a detailed outline to the Program Book Editor of what should be included in the program book and in what order it should be printed.

The duties of the Program Book Editor include:

  • for the Fall VICFA, prepare a PDF program with information provided by the Board,
  • for the March ICFA, work with the Membership Coordinator to develop templates for the book in a professional design program (i.e., InDesign, Quark, or equivalent),
  • using these templates, and information provided by the First and Second Vice Presidents about the conference’s guests and program schedule, produce camera-ready copy for the production of this book,
  • with art provided by the Second Vice President, design the cover of the book,
  • submit the program book layout for approval to the IAFA Board by February 15 2023, and make any adjustments as required by the Board after this review,
  • continue to update the book with cancellations and other errata up to the time of printing; in consultation with the First Vice President maintain an errata sheet once the book has gone to print,
  • produce an index for this book, with individuals listed by name and session number, and include this index in the final book,
  • investigate appropriate vendors for printing the book in a cost-effective manner and arrange for the printing and delivery of the book to the hotel in numbers as specified by the Registration/Membership Coordinator.

The IAFA will pay a stipend of $500 for this work. Those interested in applying should submit

  • a cover letter, which provides details of professional layout and design experiences, as well as information about the candidate’s history with the IAFA;
  • a portfolio of previous design work;
  • a CV outlining relevant professional and academic experience.

Applications should be sent to Pawel Frelik, IAFA President, at

The closing date for applications is September 15, 2022. An appointment will be made by the end of September.