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Dear IAFA Members:

Your IAFA Executive Board met on Saturday 6/5 and Sunday 6/6 and, among other business, discussed several new initiatives, two of which we are happy to announce:

1) We will create a J.E.D.I. (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Officer and formulate an IAFA policy document on Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. This will be a lengthy process involving extensive dialogue and research into best practices, and we will keep you posted as the process evolves.

2) In response to our growing international membership and the numerous difficulties members have expressed involved in funding travel, we are creating a virtual conference to be held yearly beginning in October 2022. Again, there are many details to be worked out, but we will keep you informed.

As a result of these and other changes there will be many new opportunities to gain experience, strengthen your C.V. or resumé, and perhaps start down the path to future leadership in the IAFA. So please keep an eye on your IAFA list serve!

In further news:

As Brian Attebery is stepping down after 16 years of distinguished service as Editor of our Journal of the Fantastic of the Arts, for which the organization owes him a great debt of gratitude. A search will soon take place to identify new editorial leadership, so stay tuned for a call for applications.

Bill Clemente, our long-time Treasurer responsible for getting the IAFA taxed-exempt status and putting us on sound financial footing, is also stepping down. Thank you Bill! A search will happen soon so….well, you know.

We all wish Brian and Bill the very best in their future endeavors!

On behalf of the IAFA Executive Board,

Dale Knickerbocker
IAFA President