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ICFA Program

Because we extended the deadline for submissions, everything else also got pushed back a little including sending out acceptance letters and drafting the program. Unfortunately, there were some portal issues that delayed our progress even more. We are planning to have an entire draft of the program out to you all in early January. If you have not already heard from your division head, you will shortly. We are sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience while we work things out. -Valorie Ebert, 1st Vice President

Travel Subventions

The IAFA Board is thrilled to renew its practice of providing travel subventions for students and other scholars who do not receive institutional funding. These are apportioned as follows:

2 scholars: one international (non-U.S.) at $700, one U.S. resident at $300.*

2 students: one international $700, one U.S. resident at $300.*

*U.S. residents living outside may receive a slight differential at the Board’s discretion due to higher air fares.

The selections will be made by the President in a blind draw, witnessed. To apply, please go to Applications due by 15 January 2022.

Using Credits from 2020

To use your credit for registration or membership renewal, follow these steps:

Step 1: After you sign in and select the option to register/renew your membership, continue to Payment

Step 2: Click “Pay Online” and then “Cancel”

Step 3: Click “View Profile” in the upper corner of the screen

Step 4: Select “Invoices and Payments”

Step 5: There will be a yellow bar that says your remaining balance due after the credit is applied. Click “Settle” in that box and choose your open invoice to apply the credit to it.