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Quick update as ICFA 42 fast approaches!

Confirm info in program

As 1VP Valorie Ebert updates the draft schedule, it is posted on the organization’s website ( If you appear in the program, please check your info. If you do not appear in the program, revel in your freedom—but peruse it anyway to see what is to come!

Zoom managers still needed

Thank you to those who responded to registrar Emily Midkiff’s plea for more Zoom managers; the response was gratifying. But we can always use more! In fact, it would really help us out. Description of requirements here:

The form to fill in to indicate you wish to volunteer is here:


The last day to sign up for the conference is February 22, 2021, at midnight Florida time (GMT-5). Academic presenters must be current members of IAFA to present.

A FAQ sheet for presenters follows. Please email me if you need anything membership or registration related. I’ll also forward any notes you send to the relevant person, so if you have a question and need it directed, do reach out.

—Karen Hellekson for Reg (


FAQ Sheet for Presenters, ICFA 42


Once accepted, the author may choose to present in one of the following formats:

● Text document
Format: PDF; maximum length: 1800 words

● PowerPoint slideshow with audio commentary
Format: PPTX or MP4; length: 10–15 minutes

● Prezi presentation with audio commentary
Format: any exportable Prezi format; length: 10–15 minutes

● Video recording
Format: MP4; length: 10–15 minutes

We will soon add a small section on the conference website ( with links to tutorials about creating PowerPoint and Prezi slideshows with audio commentary.

Please upload your presentation (in any of the above formats) to the conference Dropbox ( The process is easy: click the link, choose the presentation file, and hit Upload. A Dropbox account is not required to upload. You will need to drop your file by February 23, 2021.

The conference participants will have almost three weeks (March 1–18, 2021) to read, view, or otherwise peruse and become familiar with the presentations.

The Zoom sessions during the conference will be limited to Q&A. Time limitations mean that authors will not be allowed to summarize the papers, but we envision plenty of time for real-time discussions.


● February 1 (Monday): Final schedule posted.

● February 22, 11:59p (Monday): Registration closes.

● February 23, 11:59p (Tuesday): Papers/presentations due via upload.

● March 1 (Monday): Version of program with links to presentations goes live.