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ICFA 42 “Climate Change and the Anthropocene”

When: March 18–21, 2021, via Zoom

Guest scholar: Stacy Alaimo (University of Oregon)

Guest author: Jeff VanderMeer

Call for papers (proposals due November 29, 2020):
Detailed scholarly proposal info:
Accepted papers/presentations due: March 1, 2021

We are repeating the theme from 2020’s canceled ICFA 41. You may propose the same paper. Previous acceptance for ICFA 41 does not guarantee acceptance for ICFA 42.

All dates and times are reckoned in Orlando, Florida, time (GMT-5).

Please reach out to 2nd VP David Higgins ( with questions or concerns.

The registration portal for ICFA 42 is now open ( Registration is $40 for regular registration, $20 for student/adjunct. Registration closes on February 22, 2021.

Do you have a credit from last year? (Credits are good for 2 years.) When logged in, look at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen; it will indicate your credit amount. To apply the credit, create an invoice, and then email me so I can apply it.

Important: Credits cannot be transferred between accounts. If you have a credit, make sure you’re logged in correctly before registering and creating an invoice.

If you think you have a credit but it’s not showing up, first check to make sure you’re logged into the correct account (usually it’s Gmail versus your institutional email address). You may have to tell the system you lost your password to gain access. Inadvertently being logged into the incorrect account is the #1 reason users experience problems.

If that isn’t the issue, then email me and I will research it.


We are partnering with our usual merch vendor, a small company based out of Orlando, to print, package, and mail the merch. No extras will be printed for sale at a future physical convention. Prices are designed to break even; this is not a fund raiser. Merch will automatically be sent to the address on file in your membership account.

We were able to stop ICFA 41’s merch print run, so there is no ICFA 41 merchandise available, and the few test items that were printed were discarded by the vendor.

Social media

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Info will be forthcoming regarding volunteering, Graduate Student Caucus, online infrastructure, and more!

As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns.

—Karen Hellekson, coregistrar (