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Search for Associate Conference Director

By In IAFA, ICFA, Position Announcement On November 30, 2019

The IAFA is searching for an Associate Conference Director to assist the Conference Director in liaising with the hotel, and in the myriad other tasks involved in running a conference. The person must be local to the Orlando area.

We are asking your help in distributing the position ad to individuals who may be qualified and interested, and anywhere at your university or workplace you think such a person might see it. Inquiries should be directed to

See position advertisement below and attached for details.

Thank you very much for your assistance in this effort to keep the ICFA the unique event that it is.

Academic trade association that meets every year in Orlando, Florida in March is seeking to hire a part-time worker with conference planning experience to assist with conference management. The conference currently meets at the Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside; there are approximately 500 attendees and 100 sessions, as well as large food functions. There are no exhibits.

The ideal candidate will have experience in all areas of conference management, including registration. The position will require about 100 hours of work from January through the conference in March as well as attendance at a board meeting during the first weekend in June, with the ability to be on site Tuesday through Saturday of the conference to assist with on-site oversight. Note: in 2020, these dates are March 17-21.

Duties BEFORE conference include liaising with hotel: for program (for example, reviewing program against hotel contract to ensure we are using the rooms for which we are contracted), for guest rooms (keeping track of our room usage and dealing with overflow hotel as needed), for meals (for example, processing special food requests and making sure the Marriott is prepared for special needs). Duties ON SITE include room checks (making sure rooms are ready for functions assigned morning, afternoon, and evening), overseeing coffee breaks (to decide when/if to order more), liaising with and helping with registration, liaising with A/V, general assistance at food functions (for example, making sure special meals get where they’re going) and general hotel troubleshooting. Compensation $2500-$5000, depending on experience and starting date.

Application should include a cover letter, a one-page statement of previous event planning experience , and a letter of reference from someone familiar with the candidate’s work in these capacities to