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Dear ICFA Community:

As you may know, ICFA has a creative track (in addition to our academic divisions) where authors, artists, and editors can participate in conference programming. Most of the creative track features invited authors giving readings of their fiction. Additionally, other ICFA participants can also propose other forms of creative programming.

For example, If you are NOT an invited author, and you’d like to share your creative writing (fiction or poetry), you can apply to participate in a Words and Worlds session — these are sessions where academics and/or early-career authors can share their writing at the conference. To apply to read your work at a Words and Worlds session, please contact Gina Wisker (G.Wisker [at] who organizes these sessions.

Alternatively, the creative track is also open to proposals for other kinds of artistic presentations (musical compositions, visual arts and/or photography, theatrical performances, etc) and for non-academic panel sessions related to the fantastic in the arts (panel proposals on a wide range of topics are very welcome!)

To apply for programming in the creative track, you can use the portal submission system:

Submit a Proposal to ICFA

Just be sure to choose ” Offer a creative presentation or panel discussion for the creative track” under the “Your Proposal” section. The IAFA Second Vice President organizes the creative track, so your proposals will come directly to me. To avoid confusion, please be sure NOT to send creative track proposals to the academic divisions!

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about ICFA’s creative track.


David Higgins

IAFA Second Vice President

iafa.2vp [at]