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Dear IAFA members:

I write with the good news that the Orlando Airport Lakeside Marriott will continue to be our ICFA home through 2024–the contracts have been signed, sealed, and delivered! We have very favorable rates for guest rooms and food and the per-meal cost is frozen for all three years of the contract. The Board thanks our indefatigable Conference Chair Jeri Zulli for doing the negotiating work previously done by two people.

Please note the dates:

2022 16-19 March

2023 15-18 March

2024 13-16 March

The room rates will be:

2022: $149 per night

2023 $151

2024 $153

In other good news, I’ve spoken with a group at the University of Glasgow about a collaborative, co-sponsored conference there, as they are forming a Centre for the Study of the Fantastic, and their response was very enthusiastic (as was their Dean’s, who expressed willingness to support it economically). I also approached the President of our sister organization, Gesellschaft für Fantastikforschung about this possibility, and he will be discussing it with their Board.

My best wishes to all

Dale Knickerbocker
President, International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts