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Gothflix, A Conference

1st-2nd February 2020 – Lancaster University

This conference was born following a discussion between Luke (Lancaster University) and Jess (University of Liverpool) the night before Sheffield’s Reimagining the Gothic 2019 conference where they were together presenting on a group panel on The Good Place (2016) – a tentative plan for another group panel the next year quickly evolved into something else entirely, a whole conference on Netflix and the Gothic.

With over 100-million subscribers, Netflix has exploded into popular culture having become not just a medium for consumption but also, since 2012, a creator and producer of its own content. Much of its programming makes nods to the Gothic, whether this be more obvious through its Horror and Fantasy programming such as Hemlock Grove (2013) and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018) or the more subtle like The Crown (2016). Catherine Spooner writes that ‘Gothic sells’ and Netflix has created a means not only for the Gothic to be sold but streamed directly into the household at any time, not limited by scheduling or network censorship. We look forward to the many interesting and exciting papers as well as to announcing our keynote.

We are inviting papers of 20-minutes in length on any paper which explores the links between Netflix and the Gothic.* Group panels are also welcome and must consist of 3-4 papers each of 20 minutes length.

Papers may consider any of a variety of topics and Netflix Original texts; possible foci for papers may include but are not limited to the subjects and texts below:

· The nature of streaming and how it affects our consumption of texts.

· How have series such as Lucifer (2019) been altered in their transfer to Netflix from cable television?

· The use of algorithms to tailor our Netflix experience.

· Text focused papers on any of the many ‘Netflix Originals’.

· The shared experience of consuming streamed media.

· The effect of binge watching on the viewing of television series and on viewing of Horror.

Please submit a title, 300-word abstract, and a 50-word bionote in a single document for consideration by 11pm on the 31st October 2019 to For group panels, please submit your papers as separate documents together in a single email. You will usually receive a confirmation email within 48 hours confirming receipt of your submission.

Keep up with the news about the conference by following @gothflix on Twitter and at our website: as well as by using the following hashtags: #Gothflix #StreamingTheGothic.

*We are asking papers be solely focused on texts marketed as Netflix Originals within the UK (any text produced by Netflix, such as Orange is the New Black, or exclusively first distributed in the UK by Netflix, such as Riverdale) and a full list is available on our website. If you have any questions, please email us. If you want to focus on a none UK Netflix Original, we would ask that the paper has a strong focus on what the Netflix platform brings to the text.