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ICFA 40 “Politics and Conflict”

When: March 13–17, 2019

Where: Marriott Orlando Airport Hotel, Orlando, Florida, USA

Guest Scholar: Mark Bould (University of the West of England)

Guest Author: G. Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel, Alif the Unseen)

Membership and registration gateway:

Cost: Early registration is $110 for regular members and $55 for students. Those presenting must be IAFA members, which costs $85 for North American individual, $90 for international individual, and $60 for student individual.

Please note that the Friday Guest Scholar lunch is included with your registration fee. The other meals cost extra.

Complete price list (prices go up January 14, 2019):

Authors, artists, and editors: Invitation emails have been sent out separately.

Graduate students: Not sure yet if you got funding? Go ahead and book your room anyway. You can always cancel it, and the conference hotel nearly always sells out. Also, the room rates at the conference hotel are by room, regardless of the number of people in it. Feel free to share!

Merch: All merch is now the same price: $25 per piece. Regular T-shirts and fitted T-shirts (formerly called ladies’ fitted T-shirts), as well as small and large totes, all cost the same. Now if you realize you would prefer another piece of merch, you can freely exchange it, as there is no price difference.

Problems logging in? What if the system fails to recognize your name/e-mail combination? Don’t create a new profile. STOP and e-mail me. I can update your info.

Are you a joint membership holder? The joint membership administrator first must pay the IAFA membership fee through her own account. Then each person must log in individually and sign up for the conference. It’s best if the admin doesn’t do this through her account because the system populates the sign-up form, and it will mess up individual preferences, like division membership or dietary needs. If you want everything on one invoice, then generate invoices for each transaction (joint membership; individual conference attendance). Then STOP. Email me the invoice numbers and I will contact you with directions on how to pay with one transaction.

Do you have a credit? (The system will tell you.) Sign up as usual, which will generate an invoice. Then STOP. Do not pay. Instead, e-mail me with the invoice number and tell me to apply your credit. I will then contact you with your outstanding balance, if any.

Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando!

Karen Hellekson, ICFA Registrar (iafareg AT