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Analog Games and Gender

deadline for submissions:
September 10, 2018

full name / name of organization:
Steven Dashiell

contact email:

Analog Games and Gender

Panel for Game Studies Section

PCA 2019

Washington DC

April 17-20,2019

Concepts of gender have been a cornerstone of contemporary discussion in the field of game studies (Hayes 2011; Kafai et al 2008; Shaw 2014; Williams, Ratan, and Harrison 2011) . While much of the research is firmly tied to video games, understandings of gender in analog games has slowly come to the fore. Increased media related to live action role playing games (larp), the unpredicted resurgence of Dungeons & Dragons, and the longevity of collectible card games like Magic The Gathering demonstrate analog games as a durable subsection of game studies that is ripe for academic analysis in terms of gender.

This panel hopes to give rise to the critical research occurring in analog games among the various disciplines which contribute to popular culture. Building on the strong work in feminist theory, critical theory, queer theory, broader humanities and the social sciences, the panel will examine the panoply of academic conversations involving the intersection of non-digital games and gender. Topics could include, but are not limited to:

– Portrayal of gender in analog games
– Limitations or augmentations tied to gender representations in analog games
– Perceptions of participation in various analog games based on gender
– Visibility of gender in analog game art and text
– Critical, feminist, or queer analyses of gendered artifacts or ephemera
– Gaming power structures (GM, DM, leader) and gender
– Media related to analog games (e.g. Critical Role, Friends at the Table) and gender
– Historical appeals of analog game participation via the lens of gender
– Examinations of masculinity or femininity in analog games systems, players, or characters

Interested individuals should submit an abstract to Steven Dashiell at before 10 September 2018. If sufficient abstracts are submitted, we may request more than one panel.