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Call for Nominations by 30 October 2018: IAFA President and First Vice President

The International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts announces a call for nominations for the elected Executive Board positions of President and First Vice President. To be eligible for President, an IAFA member in good standing must have served either as a Division Head or as a member of the IAFA Executive Board. Any IAFA member in good standing may run for the position of First Vice President.

Those interested in running or in nominating someone for either position should send a nomination to both IAFA Immediate Past-President Sydney Duncan at and IAFA Chief Technical Officer Michael Smith at by 30 October 2018. The Election Committee will notify each nominee of her or his nomination and will provide each with the names of everyone else who has accepted nomination during that election cycle. Candidates declining nomination must notify the Election Committee immediately upon notification of their nomination.

Candidates eligible for the offices to which they have been nominated and willing to run for those offices will be asked to submit position statements by 20 November 2018. The Election Committee will distribute position statements and ballots to the membership on 10 December 2018, and ballots will be counted by the Election Committee after 10 January 2019. If no candidate receives a majority vote, a runoff election between the two candidates who have received the most votes will be conducted. The Election Committee will announce results of the election at the IAFA business meeting at ICFA 40 in March 2019, with additional announcements in appropriate IAFA venues thereafter.

For those elected, terms will begin immediately following the conclusion of ICFA 40 in March 2019 and will last for three years. Duties of each position are listed below. Please contact Sydney Duncan if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!


The President is the chief executive officer, responsible for directing and coordinating all functions of the organization, including the annual conference, the quarterly journal, other sponsored publications, the Awards Program, and public relations of all kinds. The President sets the agenda for, and presides at, all meetings of the Executive Board and the annual business meeting at the ICFA. The President is also the chief planning officer, responsible for setting agenda in all Association projects. The President oversees the work of the other officers, recruits special guests, seeks institutional support, confirms non-elected Board members, etc. The President is elected by majority vote of the IAFA members who participate in the election.

First Vice President

The First Vice President coordinates the ICFA Program, overseeing the work of the Divisions Heads and scheduling paper sessions for the Annual Conference Program. The First Vice President also consults with the President and Second Vice President concerning appearances by special guests in panels, readings, and lectures, and with the Conference Chair about physical arrangements such as AV equipment, room assignments, etc. The First Vice President substitutes for the President when necessary. The First Vice President also oversees the IAFA David G. Hartwell Emerging Scholar Award, including the following: advertising the award, organizing the prize committee, and collecting and forwarding submissions to the committee for a blind reading process. The First Vice President is elected by majority vote of the IAFA members who participate in the election.