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Call for Papers – Post-cinema – VR and AR: a Postcinematic Modernity II

Film Forum – XVI Magis International Film Studies Spring School
Gorizia, Università degli studi di Udine-Italy

March 3rd-7th 2018

Deadline November 30th, 2017

Address questions and proposals to: (goriziafilmforum /at/ ) )
​​Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), as well as establishing new identities and expanding the perceptions of existing users and the technologies they use, also represent two cardinal points in the (re)definition of participative and political practices in current media landscape. In this sense the Postcinema section would like to explore the “community/knowledge/power” relationship and the “community/history/truth” relationship in the production and diffusion of certain “media products”, in particular the VR and AR ones. The 2018 Post Cinema section of the Magis Spring School takes into considerations proposals in the following fields:

– Literacy and socio-economic accessibility linked to VR and AR in the new media (eg, the difficult access to the interfaces of VR gaming or the rapport with the casual gaming)
– The creation of social communities linked to the collective use of products specially created for their use through VR and AR devices.
– The user’s bodily, spatial and temporal perception during the pragmatic use of VR and AR. For example, the user’s camouflage with technology and constant development of dedicated peripherals (war games guns, footrests to allow the use of the feet currently not supported, introduction of wireless devices for the viewer …) impact;
– The relationship between truth and post-cinematics products (such as documentaries or interactive films, video games, and other digital products). In these products whose story is being told? Who is telling it? For whom? Whose truth? Who circulates in the market of whom?
– The current use and the future potential of VR and AR as tools for interpreting and re-reading a social-political setting.
– The use of “politics” in digital video games and interactive products (in the form of satire, parody, narration: eg “Trump Simulator”, “Job Simulator”). The analysis of the VR development policies adopted by different communities or countries, and the investigation of the system of power that they configure or contest.

We invite you to send us proposals for papers or panels. The deadline for their submission is November, 30th 2017. Proposals should not exceed one page in length. Please make sure to attach a short CV (10 lines max). A registration fee (€ 150) will be applied. For more information, please contact us at (goriziafilmforum /at/