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Call for Applications: IAFA Book Room Liaison

The IAFA Board invites applications for the position of Book Room Liaison.


The successful application will have
· a knowledge of the field of speculative fiction publications

· good organization skills

· the ability to work productively as part of a team

· the ability to be available in the Orlando area in the month before the conference to receive and store books that are shipped for the conference. (The IAFA Board will provide a storage locker to store this inventory.)


The Book Room Liaison will primarily be responsible for receiving and managing the inventory of shipments of books published by attending IAFA authors to be sold at the conference, and for supervising the set-up, staffing, and clean-up of the Book Room for each conference.

The Book Room Liaison will report to and work collectively with the IAFA Board, who will set policies on books to be purchased and stored, and who will make available the funds for any purchases to be made by the organization.

The Book Room Liaison will also be the person primarily responsible for transporting the books to and from a storage locker and for managing this locker and monitoring its inventory between conferences. The Book Room Liaison will also assist the Board members with the donation of any books that are not purchased after a duration to be set by the Board, and with the management of any books donated to members for the conference luncheons.

The Book Room Liaison will be assisted by other volunteers who will help with the physical labour of setting up the book room and returning unsold items to storage. The Book Room Liaison will work with the President and the Membership and Registration Coordinator to recruit and appoint these volunteers.

During the conference period, the Book Room Liaison will be responsible for managing Book Room operations, including the processing of payments. A cash float will be made available by the IAFA Treasurer and a system for credit card payments is in place. The Book Room Liaison will schedule staffing hours for the volunteers who will assist in running the book room during the conference.

It is expected that the Book Room Liaison will be available at the conference hotel from the Sunday preceding the conference until the Sunday following it. The IAFA Board will pay for accommodation during this period. The Board will also pay for economy-fare travel to this venue, if needed. The IAFA Board will also provide the Book Room Liaison with a complementary registration for the conference during the period of service, and with tickets to all the conference meals.

IAFA Governance
The IAFA Board governs the organization and is made up of a number of elected and appointed positions. The Board is assisted in running the conference by a number of other volunteers appointed to specific roles, such as the Division Heads, who do not sit on the Board. The Book Room Liaison will be an appointed but not a Board position.

The Book Room Liaison will report to and assist the IAFA Board. This is a voluntary, not paid, position, consistent with all positions within IAFA governance, both appointed and elected; these listed compensations are to off-set the costs that the individual will incur through the act of providing this service to the conference.

To Apply
Applications should consist of a résumé and a letter of interest outlining the candidate’s experience with the conference, qualifications for the position, and reasons for wanting to serve as Book Room Liaison.

Applications should be sent to IAFA President Sherryl Vint at

All applications will be reviewed by the Board and the successful candidate will be appointed by the President after a majority vote by the Board, as is consistent for all appointed positions within conference governance.

The deadline for applications is November 15, 2016.

PDF version of this call: book-room-liaison-call