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6th Annual Ravenclaw Conference 2016

Sept 19-23 (during our 6th annual Edinboro Potterfest)

Edinboro University


We invite submissions from faculty and students on the wide range of USA societal issues raised in the Harry Potter saga.  Paper topics or panel discussion should focus on any of the following:

  • prison issues, death penalty issues, the use of brutal interrogation techniques, the national security surveillance state, the use of mass media to control and influence opinion and public policy (Azkaban &The Ministry)
  • the war with death through organ transplants, cryonics, and cloning (Horcruxes and The Resurrection Stone)
  • diversity vs. purist cultural issues, feminism, education system issues, discrimination against behavioral or appearance abnormalities (Hogwarts)
  • the sports culture “balance” between the value of individual talent vs. team success, the tradition of excluding females from full contact (coed) sports (Quidditch Pitch)
  • adoption and foster care, child abuse, bullying (Dursley Cupboard)
  • care and treatment of other creatures (Hagrid’s Hut)
  • national health care issues (Madam Pomfrey)
  • war on public education?  war on higher education? (Hogwarts School)


Submissions could also be discussions of articles published in the Sociology of Harry Potter (2012).  Our Keynote Speaker will be Professor Jenn Sims.


An abstract with a 200 word maximum should be submitted by faculty and students.  Students submitting paper proposals should also submit their paper along with their abstract.  Deadline for consideration: Sept 2, 2016.  Papers accepted and presented will be included in our conference Proceedings. Past presentations can be accessed online via our website:


Submissions should be sent to: Dr Corbin Fowler,

For more information, contact Dr Fowler via email or phone (814) 602 1694.


Presentations will be given throughout the week of Sept 19-23, afternoon and evening sessions.

Contact Info:

Dr Corbin Fowler, Department of English and Philosophy, Edinboro Unviersity, Edinboro, PA 16444

Contact Email: