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Sherryl Vint (Professor, University of California, Riverside)

Science is at the centre of daily experience in twenty-first century life. Fusion of science and the cultural imagination define moments of intense technological change, such as the Space Race of the 1950s or our own looming era of synthetic biology. This book series seeks to publish groundbreaking research exploring this productive intersection and its consequences for our present and future.

We seek proposals for manuscripts dealing with any aspect of science in popular culture in any genre. We understand popular culture as both a textual and material practice, and thus welcome manuscripts dealing with representations of science in popular culture and those addressing the role of the cultural imagination in material encounters with science. How science is imagined and what meanings are attached to these imaginaries will be the major focus of this series. We encourage proposals from a wide range of historical and cultural perspectives.

Downloadable CfP with contact information for series editors: