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Dear IAFA Student Caucus,

It’s time to VOTE! We have four lovely candidates for your next Student Caucus Representative: Stina Attebery, Skye Cervone, Daniel Creed, and Kiersty Lemon. Please read their attached bios/statements, and make your selections.

To vote: please rank the candidates 1-4 in an email to me ( by Friday, 5/2. If there are no ties, the person with the most votes will be the new Rep and the runner up will be the Vice-Rep. In the event of a tie, I will use instant runoff voting to determine the Rep and Vice-Rep. If you would be so kind, please include your own name and institutional affiliation in your email, so I can confirm that you’re a student.

Thanks, and good luck to the candidates!

Liz Lundberg

Student Co-Representative to the Executive Board

International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts