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Vote for Student Caucus Representatives

By In Elections, IAFA On April 22, 2014

Dear IAFA Student Caucus,

It’s time to VOTE! We have four lovely candidates for your next Student Caucus Representative: Stina Attebery, Skye Cervone, Daniel Creed, and Kiersty Lemon. Please read their attached bios/statements, and make your selections.

To vote: please rank the candidates 1-4 in an email to me ( by Friday, 5/2. If there are no ties, the person with the most votes will be the new Rep and the runner up will be the Vice-Rep. In the event of a tie, I will use instant runoff voting to determine the Rep and Vice-Rep. If you would be so kind, please include your own name and institutional affiliation in your email, so I can confirm that you’re a student.

Thanks, and good luck to the candidates!

Liz Lundberg

Student Co-Representative to the Executive Board

International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts