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Dear colleague:

Volume 55.1 (2014) of Extrapolation is now available on the website at

Extrapolation is a leading international journal publishing academic work on the specialized popular culture genres of science fiction and fantasy. You can keep up to date with the journal by clicking here to sign up to new issue alerts, and can learn more about the title at its website page here.

This issue contains:


p. i

DOI: 10.3828/extr.2014.1

“Two Sought Adventure”

p. 1

Mark Barr

DOI: 10.3828/extr.2014.2

On the Look-Out for a New Urban Uncanny

p. 25

Lars Schmeink

DOI: 10.3828/extr.2014.3

Critiques of Colonialism in Robin Hobb’s Soldier Son Trilogy

p. 33

Helen Young

DOI: 10.3828/extr.2014.4

Fear of a Stupid Planet

p. 51

James Campbell

DOI: 10.3828/extr.2014.5

Alien as a Comic Book

p. 75

Nicolas Labarre

DOI: 10.3828/extr.2014.6

Reviews of Books

p. 95

Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock, Wan Tang, William Dynes, et al.

DOI: 10.3828/extr.2014.7

Kindest regards