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Sheila Williams,

Sheila Williams, Rich Larson, Jameyanne Fuller, Rick Wilber, Gwendolyn Karpierz, and Kayla Chronister. Photo by Bill Clemente.

Sheila Williams and Rick Wilber presented awards to the winner and runners-up in the yearly Dell Magazines Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing. This year’s winners were:

Winner: Rich Larson, University of Alberta, for “Nostalgia Calculator”

First Runner-up: Noam Altman-Kurosaki, Princeton University, for “The Sons”

Second Runner-up: Rich Larson, University of Alberta, for “The King in the Cathedral”

Third Runner-up: Jameyanne Fuller, Kenyon College, “The Year of Salted Skies”

Honorable Mention: Taimur Ahmad, Princeton University, for “Canyonlands”

Honorable Mention: Jessica May Lin, UC Berkeley, for “Lolita in the Light of Nitroglycerin”

Honorable Mention: Alexandra Gurel, Princeton University, for “The Fire in the Sky”

Honorable Mention: Gwendolyn Karpierz, Colorado State University, for “Autumn Drowning”

Honorable Mention: Kayla Chronister, Seattle Pacific University, for “Swans and Ravens”