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The apocalypse has often been the narrative and thematic subject of millennial media. We invite essays for a collection that explores the topics/themes/ideas in and socio-cultural implications of apocalyptic media in the millennium (2000-2015). Within this context, the term apocalypse can be interpreted in the broadest sense. We seek essays that critically engage every stage of the apocalypse from initial threat through aftermath and reconstruction. We intend to focus primarily on TV series and theatrical films. Tentatively, the book will include sections about apocalyptic subjects related to The Infected, Natural Disaster, Unnatural Disaster, and Alien Invasion.

We anticipate that this collection will include 16-20 essays, and as a working guide, the essays should be 3500-4500 words. Essays must adhere to the most current MLA format.

Submission Guidelines: Please send a 500-word proposal in Word, followed by a short bibliography showing the paper’s scholarly and theoretical context. Please also include a short professional description of yourself.

We are particularly interested in essays that include analyses of two or more films or single TV series, with special consideration given to television series and other forms of new media. At this stage of the project, no further essays will be accepted on The Walking Dead, Godzilla (2014), Fido, The World’s End, This is the End, Sleepy Hollow (TV), Supernatural (TV), Children of Men, Cloverfield, and Pacific Rim.

Submission deadline: July 12, 2014

Direct inquires and proposals to:

Editors: Amanda Firestone, Leisa A. Clark, and Mary F. Pharr