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The deadline for the Call for Papers for the Academic track at Loncon3 is rapidly approaching: it is 31 December!

For details, see

The Academic Track, embedded within the World Science Fiction Convention in London, is going to be one of the biggest SF and Fantasy academic conferences of 2014, and it is going to take place at what may be one of the most exciting Worldcons — and certainly one of the biggest — for a long time. The venue is spectacular, and it is close to the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, and the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich (which is hosting a big Steampunk exhibition to coincide with the Worldcon) as well as being an easy trip into the centre of London too, which has, well, one or two interesting places to visit…! By the time of the convention, my own website,, will be able to show you all the places in London worth visiting for their connections with science fiction and fantasy.

The range of what is being covered by the academic programme at Worldcon is enormous, not just literary sf but media sf, gaming, fandom, etc: see the call for papers. But we would still like more offerings of papers on literary sf, and we are still interested in attracting papers on the work of the guests of honour: Robin Hobb (Megan Lindholm), the late Iain M. Banks, John Clute, Bryan Talbot, Jeanne Gomoll or Chris Foss. But if you want to come and talk about your speciality, please do send in an abstract!