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Your Executive Board had its annual meeting May 30 – June 1 and we went to work right away ensuring the ongoing success of both the IAFA and its annual conference (ICFA). You will start to see the outcome of this most-recent meeting in the very near-future; but, I’m pleased to provide you with this morsel of exciting news. Donald Morse (Conference Chair) has been hard at work representing our interests with the Orlando Airport Marriott, a hotel that clearly wants to host ICFA for the foreseeable future. Donald presented this little bit of exciting news to the Executive Board that I now pass along to the membership: no room rate increases for the next three years! Yes, you are reading that correctly. Donald has managed to negotiate with the Marriott to ensure our conference guest room rate will remain at $125 for ICFA30 (2009), ICFA31 (2010), and ICFA32 (2011). This is a financial coup for the membership and ICFA’s ongoing success; so, mark this information on your calendar and book those rooms.

A special recognition needs to be made in honour of Donald Morse. He has worked tirelessly as our Conference Chair to secure the best (and most affordable) rates for ICFA’s future. He deserves a round of applause from the entire membership for securing the conference in our new Orlando home. Thank you, Donald. A pint (at least) of Guinness is owed you at ICFA30.