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Special Extapolation Issue on Geoff Ryman

The Summer 2008 issue of Extrapolation will be devoted to the work of Geoff Ryman. Ryman is increasingly recognized as an important writer in the field of science fiction, the author of six novels and numerous other works and the recipient of the James Tiptree Jr. Award, the British SF Award, the Philip K. Dick Award, and the John W. Campbell and Arthur C. Clarke awards (the latter twice). His writing inspires consideration as science fiction, especially in the contexts of gender, sexuality and embodied technologies, but also compels us to consider questions of generic convention and definition, particularly in the intersections between science fiction, fantasy and history. Indeed, Ryman’s brief discussion at the end of Was of the importance of using fantasy and history against each other has been widely taken up in the discussion of sf and fantasy more generally. The editors of this issue invite consideration of any aspect of Ryman’s work, including his hypertext novel 253, and his involvement with the ‘Mundane SF’ movement, which calls for an emphasis on near future and present day ‘realist’ sf.

All manuscript submissions, including explanatory notes and the list of Works Cited, should be double-spaced on one side of the sheet only. Neither embedded footnotes nor generated footnotes that some software systems make available should be used. Documentation should follow the MLA Style Manual (1999) with parenthetical citations in the text and a Works Cited list at the end. Only explanatory endnotes are needed.

Please send an electronic submission in either MSWord or WordPerfect to the Guest Editors, Wendy Pearson ( or Susan Knabe ( An e-copy in Word should be submitted to Javier A. Martínez at Please contact the editors with specific questions.

Please note the extended deadline of March 15, 2008.