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The International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts

Please read the updated ICFA Submission Rules for both research and creative programming and the updated Programming Deadlines.

Please note that you will be submitting your proposal to a specific Division. Please see our list of Divisions and Division Heads here.

For papers that combine various media (e.g. a comparative reading of the originals and adaptations of Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale etc.) or genres (e.g. something discussing an sf novel and a fantasy novel) or areas (e.g. paper on texts one of which is Anglophone and the other international), you can choose which division you would rather present in.

NB: DHs may choose to redirect submissions to other divisions to form joint sessions/panels.

The submissions period for ICFA 41 is from
1 September, 2019 through 31 October, 2019 (Orlando, FL time.)

Note: Please make sure that the URL of this page begins with https, not just http:. We’ve switched to a more secure method of connecting to the server.

The submissions period for ICFA 41 has passed and the portal is closed.

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* Paper sessions consist of 3 participants, each of whom presents a paper not exceeding 20 minutes in length.

** In an academic panel presentation, a maximum of 4 panelists offer brief remarks on the topic under consideration, after which panelists and public participate in a moderated discussion.

*** In a theory roundtable, an important theoretical reading selected in advance of the ICFA is discussed by attendees.

Request Grant Consideration

Some financial assistance may be available to those presenting papers. If you are not receiving other funding, you may request to be considered for a grant by clicking the appropriate descriptor. If you indicate that you would like to be considered then, when your paper is accepted, please visit the Grant Request page.

Wednesday Scheduling

The ICFA considers "No Wednesday scheduling" requests. Requests not to be scheduled on other days may be considered only for religious observances. Please contact the Second Vice President to request not being scheduled on any day other than Wednesday.

Required Acknowledgements

Conference Presentation Equipment Policies

  • There is *no* Wi-Fi available in the rooms where sessions/panel/roundtables are held. Presentations must be independent of Internet access.
  • Projectors are equipped for VGA hookups. Presenters are responsible for bringing any connectors or converters they require.

Proposal Completion

A few moments after you click Send Proposal, if your submission was successful, you will see a message indicating that your proposal was sent. You should also receive an email acknowledgement. If you don't receive the email after a few minutes, check any spam filter folder you have. If it's not there, just check with the division head to verify receipt.