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The IAFA Needs You

As we make the transition from an ICFA based in Fort Lauderdale to one based in Orlando, one of the things the IAFA has lost is local assistance/resources. The IAFA is looking for any Orlando-based members to assist in conference[...]

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Photos of the Marriott Orlando — New Site for ICFA

Bill Clemente, the IAFA Treasurer, has posted photos of the recent Executive Board retreat at the Marriott Orlando Airport Hotel, our new ICFA site. If anyone would like to have a better visual then click on the link and enjoy.[...]

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ICFA Conferences — Future Planning

There has been some discussion on iafa-l regarding the dates of ICFA-29 (March 19, 2008 to March 23, 2008) because there are a series of unavoidable conflicts, including the Easter weekend. Some of the reasons for the ICFA-29 dates and[...]

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On to Orlando! Some Initial Thoughts

I’ve come home from our 2007 Executive Board meeting, kissed my wife hello, ate some dinner, and have now retreated to my office to post initial thoughts on the Marriott Orlando Airport Hotel that awaits us for our future ICFA[...]

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